EduBlox lets people be in charge of their proficiency with block-chain verified certificates for academic credentials, professional certifications, workforce development, and civic records.

EduChain is a revolutionary product that leverages the power of blockchain to verify the educational background of an individual and authenticate it against forgery. Harnessing the disruptive technology of a decentralised and transparent blockchain system, EduBlox offers next generation degree verification solutions that provides trust and security to the involved parties.


Multi protocol | Hybrid Deployment | On Demand
BlockCluster is an enterprise cloud platform that allows developers to build, manage and scale their dapps using any blockchain protocol of choice with multiple deployment options ( on-premises, cloud or hybrid ).

Developers can create use case flows wherein they can control node management , smart contracts, transaction privacy, role permissions, asset distribution and web services through a simple user interface saving months of time and effort required for scratch development.


Create your own Cryptocurrency and Exchange
WalletBlox is your one stop vault to store and manage all your different crypto currencies from a single wallet. This convenient and secure crypto currency wallet allows you to transact, store, receive, and send virtual currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Neo, Ripple, Zcash, Ethereum etc. without any qualms about security. Safeguarded with high level privacy, security and anonymity, Wallet blox allows instant exchange among your various crypto currencies through a single account.


Blockchain Powered Supply Chain Management
NimBus is a block chain based product that aims to create greater supply chain efficiency for enterprises in the pharmaceutical market. Giving business the autonomy and visibility to have the knowledge of every step in the network of supply chain agencies, Nimbus aims to create a more transparent system and aid in automation of the process.


Blockchain Powered Financial Management
FinBlox is a blockchain assisted trade finance from AM Global that assists businesses in purchase order financing and invoice discounting online.

Backed by blockchain technology FinBlox allows people to create, edit and send online purchase orders and use it for their business transactions. All these orders are created with block chain, both the involved parties have visibility on the status of the document and can track it at their own end.


Blockchain Powered Music Management
The music industry is dominated by intermediaries. The process of paying artists for their music is sub-optimal and heavily dependent on paperwork. Artists often have to wait over a year to receive royalty payments from the music streaming services. Artists have to sign off the rights of their own music to the legacy streaming providers, and get their royalty payments daily.