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Accessibility, Utility, Affordability of Technology for the Common man.
A Brilliant piece of innovation is rendered useless if it cannot be translated into benefit to mankind. Similarly, a product is successful when it reaches maximum end-users.
We envisage technology as a way of life for every person.

Tech SMART Systems

Tech SMART Systems is a company dedicated to delivering customized solutions and TECHnologies for Systematic & Modern Approach to Research & Teaching to the engineering fraternity.


Auxesis, established in 2014, is developer of Auxledger Technology, a step-up form, inspired with the capabilities of Blockchain while focusing towards Enterprise usability and mainstream adoption.

With the remarkable technology in place, Auxesis is enabling a coherent ecosystem of technology adopters, platform partners and skilled developers working together to bring the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Distributed Ledgers Technology

Real-time reconciliation and audit in financial transactions can save over 20% in Operational expenditure in administration, accounting and audit cost, effort and time of a value chain using Triple Entry Accounting for Track and Trace applications and use cases.